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Marine national park of Angtong

Ang Thong mean "golden bowl" and Mu Ko "archipelago".

The Maritime National park of Angthong is situated in approximately 30 km to the north west of Koh Samui.
The park includes 42 islands and offers some of the best possible high angle dives in Thailand.
Declared Marine National Park in 1980, it consists of hundreds of monoliths of limestone creating a group of spectacular, impressive and beautiful which are also uninhabited islands.
Koh Wao and Koh Yippon are the most popular due to having caves and tunnels which allow tourists to swim through and exciting to explore. The submarine visibility varies from 15 to 25 m, the best period to dive extends from September untill January.

The fact that the park is a protected zone allows numerous species of rare fishes, corals, tortoises, sharks of cliff, dolphins, whales also live there and reproduce.
The Marine Park is also used as refuge to various smaller animals such as otters, monkeys, wild boars, bats, lizards, iguanas, pythons, cobras, frogs and 54 species of birds. You will more see than likely see a part of this fauna on your cruise to "Angthong Marine Park", so make sure to take your camera with you.

Koh Mae, translated as "Mother" is the island most visited in the Maritime Park of Angthong because of her breathtaking view of The Emerald Lake, a lagoon of salt water in the middle of the island which is surrounded by spectacular limestone cliffs. Staircases are intriguingly hidden into the natural landscape enabling climbing to the summit, which takes approximately 20 minutes  pace, there you will be able to take in the whole of the beautiful panoramic view of the whole of the Marine Park.


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Angthong National Marine Park
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