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Koh Tao

Koh Tao is another main island in the Gulf of Thailand approximately 70 kilometers off the mainland between Surat Thani and Chumphon. The origin of which is debated, means " the island of the tortoise ". According to some it is due to the profile of the island, according to others, to the presence of numerous tortoises coming to reproduce on its beaches. The population of Koh Tao is estimated to be 1 500 people in 2011.

History of Koh Tao

Koh Tao was initially an uninhabited island, only some occasional fishermen of islands surrounding it came to find refuge there in bad weather or to rest before continuing their journey.
According to old maps and various descriptions, it seems that the island was known by the cartographers and the European sailors under the name of "Pulo Bardia". Old maps also show a series of 3 north-south aligned islands and extending over the coast is of the Malay Peninsula. The smallest and most northerly of these islands is named “Pulo Bardia”, the name stayed the same untill the beginning of 1900s. The best example of maps and that of John Thornton, in the book dating 1701, "The English Pilot, the Third Book ", but the map of the Gulf of Thailand is dated on about 1677. With the modern standards of precision, islands are in the time geolocation-based in a very archaic way.
From 1933, the island was used as political prison. The sea was used as a  rampart against the escapes.

In 1947, Khuang Abhaiwongse, first one-Secretary of time, begged and received the Royal pardon for all the prisoners of the island. Everyone was brought to the coast of Surat Thani and the island of the tortoise has ceased to be a prison. The abandonment is short-lived, because in the same year, Khun Ueam and his twin brother Khun Oh reached Koh Tao by the nearby island of Koh Phangan by trying their traditional sailboat, through a long and dangerous crossing. Lands were "lent" to families coming mostly from Chumphon and thousands of coconut palms were planted. The present families on the island stopped from now on exploiting the coconut in a industrial way and those who benefited from an opening on the sea began to welcome tourists.

Koh Tao is the world Mecca of scuba diving today. The clarity of the seawater and abundance of fish plus low-priced diving, attracts tourists from all over the World.

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