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Koh Samui

Koh Samui is in the Gulf of Thailand.  It is about 50 miles  northeast of the city of Suratthani which is on Thailand’s mainland mainland.  It is the center of a small group of 85 islands of which only 6 are occupied, which compose the national park of Angthong. Koh Samui is almost circular its center being 656 meters at the highest point.  Coconut trees are in abundance, which are part of the jungle environment. All of the beaches are accessible by a road which goes around Koh Samui known as ‘the ring road’ which is about 35 miles. The capital town on Koh Samui is Nathon, which is on the west coast The main harbour, is here where all the ferries come and go between the most important Islands in the Gulf of Thailand.  Nathon is also the Center of the local administration and all government offices. The main beaches are known by the same name as the nearest town.

History of Koh Samui

Called: ’’The Pearl of The China Sea’’ Samui had developed late. It was probably deserted until the 6 century when fisherman coming from Malaysia and the south of China first occupied it. The island first appeared on  Chinese maps in 1687 under the name of Pulocornam. The origin of the current name, Samui , is unknown, although some say it may be from the name of some local tree named Mui or from the Chinese word ‘’SABOE’’ which means ‘’SURE HARBOUR’’ Koh in Thai  means Island. Until the end of 20 century Koh Samui was a self sufficient community of fisherman with little contact with mainland Thailand. Until the end the 1980’s there were no main roads on the island. The roads and infrastructure was built subsequent to the first tourists arrival on the island.

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